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How To Standard Install Stainless Steel Press Fit Fittings

Required Pressing Tool & Ingredients,
*battery pressing tools . deburring tool,pipe cutting ,line
  pencil,pressing jaw ,measure gauge,
*One M-profile press fitting or V- profile press fitting
*A piece of stainless tube
*Construction procedure description of press joined stainless steel fittings 

1,Cutting pipe stainless steel .
To confirm the required length of cut, the electric piping machine, manual tube or folding knife should be used;It is not suitable to use grinding wheel hacksaw to produce high temperature switch tool.The required grinding wheel serrations should be in line with the provisions of the column: 
a. A grinding wheel saw with no iron .
b.The grinding wheel saws are only used for cutting stainless steel tubes and not for cutting other metal pipe 

2,chip removing from the stainless steel pipe .
The end face of the feeding end USES the chamfer to remove the internal and external burrs,To prevent scratches seal ring  when the pipe is inserted into the press joined fitting .Using a saw must be repaired the pipe with a file ,Remove the iron from the edge of the edge and the bottom,Crumbs. The file and the chamfer must be used for stainless steel,if Use other materials for file and chamfer,The tube may rust.It is forbidden to use the trimming method which can produce high temperature .

3,Draw a line mark on the stainless steel pipe 
The pipe is inserted before the press stainless steel fitting ,You need to insert the depth marker line on the tube ,Prevent pipe Plug does not reach the designated position in construction ,It can reduce the reliability of the press fitting connection ;

4, Inspection seal ring
Check the sealing ring in the press fittings to be free of pollution and misplacement,Clean the press fitting socket and the end of the tube first,Do not have water and oil etc on the press fittings and tubes .

5, Inserting  press joined stainless steel fitting
The pipe is slowly inserted into the press fitting depth with the line mark,The regulation quantity is not greater than 3mm, cann't Squeeze into the press fitting . 

6, pressing operation .
Adopts hydraulic press-fitting tools, will be fitting arc protruding into the jaw the slots, and ensure the jaw and the conformity of the vertical, press machine, until the conformity of finish By hydraulic pump power transmission tool, observation jaw closure gap, closed jaw namely stop press-fitting, unfavorable overpressure sealing card, otherwise easy to cause the damage of the tool and the service life of the lower, if the conformity of a relaxation phenomenon, the in situ according to its shape conformity afresh again .

7,dentification of size of press fitting,
Use special gauge to confirm lock forming. google-site-verification: googlee0f0265913d8aa21.htmlgoogle-site-verification: googlee0f0265913d8aa21.html